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USFWS Rejects Portion of Wyoming Wolf Plan

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USFWS Rejects Portion of Wyoming Wolf Plan

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USFWS Rejects Portion of Wyoming Wolf Plan

I just wonder how many folks realize the true facts behind the federal government shoving these wolves back into the system? For instance, did you know that these Canadian Grey wolves are NOT the ORIGINAL species of wolves that called wyoming home? They are much bigger and are already descimating our elk herds in northwest wyoming.

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USFWS Rejects Portion of Wyoming Wolf Plan

All modern north american wolves come from one species (canis lupis, otherwise known as the gray wolf and considered to be forebear to the mutt). There are 32 recognized sub-species of which most are gone for good.

Of these sub-species none is called the "Canadian Grey/Gray Wolf" even in common lingo. Last time I heard "Canadian Wolf" was in this thread. From what I've heard the average wolf from canada is considered to be larger than the average rocky mountain subspecies which is believed to no longer exist. But so what, so there a bit bigger they are all from the same species. Certainly that and that alone can't be a condition for no reintroduction?

As for the decimation of elk herds, sorry, I don't buy it. Elk, deer, wolves, bear, Indians, and a lot of other stuff coexisted just fine in north america for eons, then in 300 years 260 million people were added to the lower 48 states. Wipe out the buffalo, wipe out the great plains eco system, wipe out the Indians, obliterate the great midwest forests, nearly kill off the elk, the deer, and the bears (Isn't it ironic that the state of California doesn't even have a grizzly in their state, but yet its on their flag???). But hey, lets blame the 300 or so wolves in your neck of the woods for "decimating" the elk.

Now don't get me wrong, but you wanted facts. If your a rancher or having to deal with the impact of wolves on your livelyhood I think you should have a say in how things are managed, frankly I supported the idea that WY was going to get some legal trophy hunting for wolves (although it seems to be the sticking point with the USFWS). But if your going to argue that wolves have no place in the lower 48, I flatly disagree.

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