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I live in St lawrence County

I have lived in Ny all of my life. Ive lived in the Adirondacks where the bear population was so high(*mainly do to the local dump*) that we would have bears litteraly on our porch. Now i live just outside of a town called Gouverneur about an hour away from watertown and 2 hours away from Syracuse. The hunting here is great. This fall i got my first turkey about 700 ft away from my house i shot a cottontail and a squirrel. I am going for my first deer. I havent seen much in the way of rubs but ive seen a huge 6 point when i was out duck hunting. I also do a lot of trapping because on my land i have over 100 acres of pure Ny swampland Big smile great trapping. 2 years ago we got a 75+pound beaver out of a trap where they had made a slide next to a culvert. We just ordered a cd game caller and it should be here within 5 days. i hope to use this to call in some VERY plenitful coyotes that have killed some small livestock. A bear which by the way is very rare around here killed a small young calf. But being on the side of Rt 11 that i live on i nor anyone else could hunt and shoot the bear. No recent complaints have been made about the bear.
This year in trapping i hope to make 200 dollars plus which shouldnt be to hard. I also just got a pair of beagle pups. I would like any advice on how to train them to hunt rabbits and coons Thanks

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