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Upper Platte Mule Deer?

Hi All, new here, site and forum looks great... We're heading to Scottsbluff/Gering to chase Mulies for a couple days on opening weekend... We've been out here 2 times before with some success, but would like to increase our odds of bagging a nice mature Mule Deer Buck... My partner got a nice 5yo with a tiny rack 3 years ago, and we have not been back until this season...

Anyone have any suggestions to help increase our success in this area? We'll be hunting both private and public lands...

We never have a problem filling our tags with Whitetails in the eastern half of the state, but we're really hoping to at least see some quality Mulies this year...

Anyone on here hunt that area and how have the Buck numbers been?

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Upper Platte Mule Deer?

I hunt in the Burwell area with very good success. A decent mixture of mule and whitetails. This year we have around 400 acres to hunt in the Auburn area. We have great success in that area. Looking for the monster this year!

Good luck!!!