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"Unsuccessful" hunt?

This year is only my second year of hunting, and I just got back from my first trip of deer/bear season. Last year I gave Trinity a shot with a buddy from work. We saw lots of sign, but not a single animal in 4 days. Being my first trip though, I enjoyed it nonetheless.

This year I went with a different work buddy and a few other folks to Stanislaus near Bear Valley. I'll say now that I didn't fill my deer or bear tag, hence the title of this thread. But despite not filling either tag (yet), I had the time of my life. I put two bucks in my scope, though one was just a spike and the other a small fork & horn that two of us passed on. Saw another nice 2X2 just off a fire trail, but it was a good 15 minutes after shoot time. I also tried a few different techniques, which lead to me jumping about 6 does. What a great feeling to walk up within 50' of a bedded down deer, then follow it on the run in your scope!

Didn't see a single bear, nor much bear sign. But that was the norm for everybody we talked to. We were there the week following opening weekend, and were working against an almost full moon. Tough conditions I suppose, but I had a great time and figured I'd share.

On a side note, we did shoot some mountain quail while out on the fire trails. First time eating it, and it was pretty damn good!

Hope all of you enjoy your time out there as much as I did mine!!

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"Unsuccessful" hunt?

That is exactly what hunting is all about, great experiences and great memories, and what a learning experience. When you do finally take an animal it will be all that more worth it. Thanks for sharing your story.

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"Unsuccessful" hunt?

Like elkkill06 said, you'll enjoy it even more when you actually harvest something. If the first time you went out, you bagged something, you might think this is easy. I grew up in a nonhunting family in Southern California, and it took a lot of learning and a lot of work to become consistently successful. But I treasure every lesson I taught myself or was taught by others. And isn't it a great feeling to be able to turn down a legal animal, knowing you could kill it, but choose not to?

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