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That is a real drag jim. I am

That is a real drag jim. I am sorry to hear about that. And I am with you... I doubt that it is an anti hunting group. I think you are dealing with some selfish jerks that think that they own all the deer in that county. I am not familiar with that states Department of Natural Resources and there law enforcement division but it kind of surprises me that they did not do anything. That seems like a pretty clear cut case of hunter harrassment but I guess in this day in age of budget cuts and stuff that they might be hesitant to do something about it. Or you could take the more pessimistic view point and open up to the idea that they know the landowners that are doing this and are turning a blind eye to it because the plaintiffs are out of staters on a lease. Who knows?

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We never really figured out

We never really figured out the deal was but I will say this - the ramp up to shotgun season - at least on public land, is rough.

Additionally, the use of the land during that season is exceedingly heavy... I would not recommend that hunt on public land at all - at least in the area I was in. Maybe in other public areas the pressure is not as high - but I had no way to verify that.

I will say this also and I was surprised - I never saw a game warden out patrolling while I was there... that may have just been chance - I really expected to be at least checked once or twice.

I think for me - a bow hunt is going to be the way to go and even at that, I am going to try to find an area that is used a little less. The IL DNR website has some pretty good harvest and usage records that I am going to try to analyze before I go back.

I am planning another scouting trip for May 2011 that will assist me in planning for next fall.

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