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Unit 78 archery elk

Hello, Fellow hunters,I am brand new to the forum, just joined today Big smile I have hunted elk 3 years and have yet to get one. First year we hunted up near fort collins,between lack of elk and being a super rookie we struck out,2nd year we hunted unit 74,with mangus outfitters, they supplied us a drop camp,I did a lot of cyber scouting(google earth ect) Picked my buddy a good spot, he nailed a 6x6 15 minutes after sun up,we were hunting the first rifle,Last year we drew first rifle in unit 52 New Mexico, had snow and everything,alot of sign, but most was old, would have loved to have been there during the archery.
This year we are signed up for archery New Mexico,our backup plan is unit 78 Colorado, we have never hunted there,any advise on some good areas to start would greatly be appreciated,thanks for your time, and good luck to all in the draws. Big smile

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Unit 78 archery elk

Welcome ,I'm new to the sight also I'ts fun. I haven't hunted 78 my self but last year a buddy did a short hunt before illness cut him short. What he saw he was very pleased and will go back.Hunt the latter part of the archery season, hunt the wilderness, just getting a mile away from the ATV's makes a big differance.He has horses and was in 3 or 4 miles and said the bulls were going nut's the 3rd week end .In your map homework look for basins between major pack trails.use your cow calls and be agressive, you have to come off as a real slut ,keep it up for at least 30 min.You wont get a big one that way but the young ones cant take it , they have to check it out.Call the local DOW officer in may or june and ask about places to SCOUT you call these guys in september and ask where to hunt they wont tell you much.Be shure to tell them how far and how hard you are willing to work. You guys are bouncing arornd alot, find a area you like soon and stick with it,every year you'll do better.And don't be afraid of north slope heavy timber, move VERY slow and believe that they are there, sooner or later they are. good luck

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Unit 78 archery elk

If I were hunting 78 during archery season,( I don't bowhunt), I'd look to first to the east/south side of Windy Mountain area. But all the major drainages off of the East Fork of the San Juan would interest me. They are all doable as day hikes, which also means you can see a few other guys. If I was gonna spike out, I might be tempted to head up the West Fork of the San Juan. But that's BIG country, and I don't think I could day hunt it.
The wilderness along the west side of the Chalk Mountains are popular for a reason. That's probably your best bet to actually see elk, but might not be the best for harvesting due to the weekend pressure and some educated elk.

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