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Unit 76

I have a group of guys coming from louisiana, and we will have a combination of bull/cow and deer tags. We were waiting for unit 61, but it looks like that won't ever happen, so now we are looking for alternatives. I would like some info on the following:
1)places to camp...campgrounds, cabins, etc
2)are there easier areas to hunt- we have a few older guys that are not really trophy hunters, but may want a shot at a bull, but cannot climb, and I heard this area is tough, but are there areas wheree "less fit" folks can access?
3)We have hunted in 751,75,521, and 61/62 in the past, and have the means to get animals out, but we don't have horeses, so will we be able to get our game out without renting horses?
4)we might consider "hiring" a guide to show us around, and give us some guidence in the area as well.
We are not "trophy" hunters, but a few of us have waited 10-12yrs to make a 61 trip, so there are a couple of us that will want to go after a decent bull, and a few are coming just fot the expierence, and to bring home some elk steaks, but we don't want to go up there "completely" blind, so ANYTHING you can give us will help....thanks

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