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Congrats to your brother.

Congrats to your brother.  That's a beautiful bull!

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Congrats to you and your

Congrats to you and your brother, his smile tells it all.

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incredible bull

That bull is just fantastic.  Way to go guys

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Elkkill, you and your family do it year after year, pros I tell ya just pure pros! Great job and thanks for the great photos!


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Man Quinton, that is a

Man Quinton, that is a gorgeous bull!  A huge congrats to your brother!!  And as TBONE says, is that a huge hole in the left side???  Really, really unique.  Does not look like it goes all the way through though.

You guys worked really, really hard, and your brother surely deserves a trophy bull like that!  I am sure the wait for unit 61 was well worth it for him to take that quality of an animal!

Way to go, awesome job!!!!

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Nicely done! That is a great

Nicely done! That is a great bull... I'm glad you guys were successfull but I didn't have any doubts you would be. Congrats to your bro.

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Thank you all for the excellent comments ! Thumbs up

TBONE and Sean,

That is a big chunk  that was probably another point that broke off before he fully hardened. The hole does not go all the way through.


They were still rutting very hard ! Bugling and fighting the whole time we were chasing them. The bull even has a big gouge in his forehead. As far as my tag, I am a lucky holder of a doe tag for November this year, but I have been invited to the Indiam Reservation past Durango for a 2 day mule derr hunt in December. Thumbs up


My brother spent 12 PP's on this tag for 1st season. I think you can draw with 11 resident points. I am the closest with 6 PP's, but am probable going to hunt unit 40 in the next 2 years.

Thanks again to everyone !


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Way to go Guys!!

Sounds like it was well worth the wait!! When i dream of the ideal elk hunt its in the middle of a bunch of buglin bulls on a nice sunny morning. Must have been an incredible hunt. Congrats to you & your brother, it was only a matter of when. Thumbs up It sure is nice that there are units out there that give the average guy an opportunity to experience something like this at least once or a couple times in a persons lifetime!!!

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Very nice bull

Nice Bull! looks like you guys had a fun hunt, Congrats to your brother. Thats getting my blood pumbing for this weekends hunt, 2nd season cant come fast enough.

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Wow, that is a great looking

Wow, that is a great looking bull and what a great trophy. The hole in the antler is pretty cool looking too. Great Photos of the area and your brother looks very happy and proud and he should be. Thanks for sharing and a big comgratulations to your brother and you.

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