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Unit 61 first rifle elk drawn!!!!!

Now the continuation of research, scouting and getting in shape!
Several of you have already been a huge help in the research department, I hope to be able to share my success with you. For those interested, I burned 16 points to be able to hunt this wonderful area.

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Good luck!

Good luck Rob!

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Ben thanks!! And good luck to you as well, I see you drew a great tag as well!

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Very nice Rob! Elkkill06's

Very nice Rob! Elkkill06's brother drew that a couple years ago, and shot a stud bull!  Hopefully you can score too!  Keep us updated with the scouting and stuff.

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Ca_Vermonster, will most

Ca_Vermonster, will most certainly keep you all posted on progress. Just started physical work out yesterday and have been scouting virtually all winter. We'll be getting boots on the ground in 3 weeks With many trips scouting trips planned. Started getting the horses in shape by taking them for a good little ride in the sand washes of northern New Mexico this past weekend!

Quinton has been a big help and I hope to able to return the favor with intel I gather.

pretty stoked about the chance to hunt the unc.



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Congrats on the tag ! I spent this weeekend up in both units, but did not see any bulls (I did not look that hard though).

Good luck and keep us posted !


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Thanks again Elkkill06! Will

Thanks again Elkkill06! Will continue to scout and will keep you posted. This drought might help, assuming I can find water come Oct.

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Good Luck Kevin

Good Luck


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Very cool...congrats!! I may

Very cool...congrats!! I may try and draw a 2nd season tag for there next year..so I will be watching for an update from ya.

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