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Well the elk hunt didn't go quite as I had expected...but do they ever? I had arrived on the famous Divide Road on the afternoon of the 6th day prior to the opening day purposely to scout with boots on the ground with the intention of staying mobile and not setting up perminant until the friday before the opener. Well..I was just a little overexcited to begin discovering the beautiful elk country before me and ended up being somewhat forced to stake a claim on some camping ground on that sunday which basically circumvented my scouting plans...Damn the luck....but it was self inflicted. The temps were hitting the sunny 70's,....not exactly whatI call elk hunting weather. The first day of scouting found me down in a drainage drooling over a very large 6x6...which I never saw again. The Elk were feeding only during the first hour of light and evenings were baren at best! The heat I expected had much to do with it. Bugles were basicaly non-existant. Over the course of the next few days I sighted only 8 Elk...three of them bulls. Then the life giving rain came on the friday eve of the opener. I chose to stay in that day and save the exertion for the next morning since the cold snap was to blow thru on saturday afternoon of the opener. Well I awoke to 3/4" of snow and fog. It was a great day and proof of the impact that a cold snap can bring. I counted nearly 60 head of Elk and passed on 8 bulls that day. Bugling was on the rampage and the Elk fed all day.It was unfortunate the front was only lasting the first day. As the high temps approached the seventies the elk sightings dropped and the bugling disappated. I passed on a total of 10 bulls and had two chances at shooters that just didnt materialize for me. Probably the best Elk hunt of my life even though I didn't harvest an animal. I did stumble upon a nice 5x5 that judging by the remnants of hide and meat left on the skull an early season bowhunter was probably not a happy camper!

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Sounds like you had a great hunt, but I wish you could have connected. Yes Congrats !


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Sounds like you still had a

Sounds like you still had a good hunt.

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