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Unit 5b New Mexico

Anybody know anything about 5 b archery hunt never hunted there and any info would be helpful

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Unit 5b New Mexico


We picked up a left over tag for this unit about 5 years ago. We know how to hunt elk and I always say "if there is elk there we will find them". I spent alot of time scouting for this hunt and was able to locate some elk up by Gallinas Peak and other areas bordering the Jicarilla but when the hunt started there were no elk to be found. We tried it again the following year with the same results. I did hunt this unit about 7 years ago for cow and tagged out which leads me to believe that this unit is best to hunt during the winter. Things may have changed since then and someone else may have a different opinion, this is just my 2cents.

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Unit 5b New Mexico

There are leftover tags, that speaks for itself. The herd is scarce during september. Pray for snow in the north and it will be like a whole differant unit. There are big bulls killed there but it is mostly later in the season. Stick to thick shaded canyons and seek water, if there are any residents around thats where youll find them in september.

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