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Unit 53 Colorado

First post, so just found this forum and started browsing, but couldn't find any info that I was looking for. I am planning to make an elk hunt during the 2nd rifle season in Colorado. I was originally planning to hunt gmu 54, but dropped the ball and didn't realize the OTC tags have a cap on them for that unit.  I was thinking gmu 53 is just west of it so I figured I would start focusing on it.  I plan on doing a backpack hunit in for a week or so, was supposed to be a buddy going, but he won't commit yet so it may turn into a solo trip.  I was looking at going into the west elk wilderness from Panoia by way of 709 and parking at the coal creek trail head.  Then heading south a few miles for a spike camp.  Is anyone familiar with this area as far a ruggedness and elk numbers?  How is the 709 access rd in mid October?

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You will get very few answers

You will get very few answers to a unit specific question and asking about backpacking back in you will get even fewer. 

My suggestion is for you to give a hunt planner a call at 303-291-7526.  They should be able to answer a lot of your question about either unit.

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