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Unit 500 or 49 Colorado

Has anyone hunted elk in Units 500 or 49? Are these units too close to the front range? any info would be helpful.

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Re: Unit 500 or 49 Colorado

They are both limited draw, but 49 takes a lot of points to get into. Usually the advice about not hunting too close to the Front Range pertains to the OTC units that are just past the limited draw units. 49 is a very good unit, but most hunts take around 3 points for a resident. 500 isn't bad, just nothing special about it. It's still a limited unit, so you would have had to apply to hunt it. Success tends to be a bit above average, which is nice. Trophy potential is in the middle of the pack, hunter density is about average, etc. Like I said, it's middle of the pack. Certainly nothing wrong with it. And it's close enough for you to be able to scout it frequently.

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Re: Unit 500 or 49 Colorado

I enjoyed hunting unit 49 some years ago.
It seemed like there was always elk.
I can recall winters when herds of 250 elk would come down into South Park.
It seems like there is some areas that are difficult to get back into where a hunter will be rewarded.