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Unit 40


First question is how old are you ? Also can you get around well ? Unit 40 this year was horrible this year during archery season and the rest of the seasons when it came to the elk in the easier access areas on the NF (especially the bigger bulls). The other downfall of unit 40 is all the private property.

I would suggest doing unit 61 first season especially if you can get around. You have a 100 percent chance at drawing the tag and can go almost anywhere you want (mostly public). There is always a chance of taking that elusive monster bull with a bunch of great bulls running around.

Good luck with your decision and PM me if you have more specific questions.


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Welcome to the site!  These

Welcome to the site!  These guys will have you well in hand, if you ask about elk in Colorado! 

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Thanks, I appreciate that. It looks like these guys have a great deal of info that they are willing to share, and for us guys 1500 miles away that means alot.  I'm sure I'll have some more questions in the future.


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