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Unit 4, first time ever crack at mule deer


Never hunted mule deer before or out west in general for that matter. I have a cousin who just recently moved out to Craig so I decided to put in for a mulie tag in Unit 4. I have the entire season to hunt so I'm hoping to see at least an average buck in that time period.
Anyone have any advice for someone who is willing to backpack hunt for a solid 9 days in this unit?
Areas to get in to/stay away from?

Thanks in advance!

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Congrats on the license.

Congrats on the license. That should be a good hunt. I have elk hunted up there for the last two seasons, and we have always seen quite a few deer. I would stick to the lower elevations. There is National Forest, BLM, and State areas all to choose from. I have seen some respectable deer in the area, but I have not seen a monster. However, from some other members on this forum, I have seen that people have got some bruisers out of that area.
Which season are you hunting? If it is one of the rifle seasons, I don't think a backpack bivy hunt would be the best idea. From where I have seen deer, I don't think it is necessary either. There are plenty of deer up there, and you should have every opportunity to be successful. Keep us posted, and I am looking forward to some victory pics later this year!

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Send me an e-mail if you like

Send me an e-mail if you like and I can direct you to a couple of places to look at where I have had success. I will also add, that if it is during the 2nd or 3rd combined season, that you should be prepared for some SERIOUS, SERIOUS pressure even if you wanted to stick with a backpack/bivy hunt! That unit is POUNDED in those two seasons. ...and I also agree, I'd stick with lower elevations where there is no need to backpack hunt.


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