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Unit 34 New Mexico elk

Just wondering what everyone thought about Unit 34. Any advice about early archery in the Lincoln National Forest?

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Unit 34 New Mexico elk

Welcome to BGH!
Stick around long enough and someone will turn up with some info, as you can see there are a lot of guys looking for help right now.

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Re: Unit 34 New Mexico elk
hunter4life wrote:
Just wondering what everyone thought about Unit 34. Any advice about early archery in the Lincoln National Forest?

Are you kidding me? That's the best of the best. Trophy! Great terrain. Those are almost always "High Demand" or "Quality" hunts. I'm pretty sure when you get one of those your ineligible to apply the following year. I'll have to check again. But, great animals in there.

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Unit 34 Elk

Unit 34 has been known for some monster trophies. I was in that unit hunting turkey and saw plenty of elk. A good area to hunt is pinon draw. That is over by sacramento/ weed. Got to watch out for that area because of the patches of private land. PM me for some more info. I need to look up some directions to get to pinon draw.

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Unit 34 New Mexico elk

I hunted that unit in 2005 for elk. Had a great time and saw a bunch of them. Good luck, I'm pretty sure that anywhere you go it should be good.

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Unit 34 New Mexico elk

Planing for 2010 Bow hunt in 15 and the 16's. Your sparking my interest for 34, Looks to be better odds for a tag. What else can everybody tell me.

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2010 unit 34 Hunt

I shot my Elk (5x6) from the hood of my truck around 50 yards on Oct 5th in the morning and my

brother shot his Elk (6x6) the next day at 110 yards around the same time 7:00 am.  Lots of elk in

unit 34, two tags for ES = 2Bulls and a:thumbsup1:  russian black boar

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