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unit 27 az archery deer

is it me or is deer population in this unit going down, or i might just be blind. any info out there to prove me wrong, taking son for first archery hunt want to make sure he at least experince seeing buck in his own back yard and not from the road.

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unit 27 az archery deer

Mt. Lions and the Mexican grey wolves have taken their toll on the mule deer in Unit 27, especially along the regions around the Blue River. Still, there's some great deer to be had. First and last light glassing near the Stacey and Coalson Ranch should provide you and your son some sightings. You can always go west of the highway and hunt the Eagle Creek area. Lots more hunters over there, but there's definitely better deer densities there. Good luck!

P.S. - This thread should probably be moved to the mule deer section.


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