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unit 26 & 27 in idaho, anyone hunt there


ive been reading on the site for a long time, but just now joined.  ive never hunted out west, being from ohio, but im headed to idaho this fall.  i realize the undertaking i am getting myself into and i have no fantasies about it.  ive read about all i can read about the area and still feel unsure about some things.  therefore, im looking for someone who would be willing to give me some details about unit 26 and 27.    i have some specific questions so if anyone would like to help me out that would be greatly appreciated. i would like to do it over private messages so i can keep the conversation from being cluttered up.  any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  thanks in advance

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No info on that area, but I

No info on that area, but I wanted to say welcome to the site!

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