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unit 21 Colorado elk hunting

I drew either sex elk tags for the October 14, elk season. I drew these tags on the third round. I am in the process of going over typographical maps and aerial photographs. I am planning on arriving 4 days before opening day with my hunting partner and we will be scouting. At present, I am leaning toward hunting the highest elevations around Baxter and Douglas Passes, and the high ground either side of route 139.

I am looking for detailed information from anyone who is familiar with this area. I am also looking for gas stations and grocery stores on route 139 between Rangely and Douglas Pass area.

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unit 21 Colorado elk hunting

Welcome 4point!

I have not hunted unit 21, however I am familiar with the area. I would recommend stocking up in a larger town. Rangely is very small and has gas stations, a few convenience stores and a very small grocery store. Nothing along highway 139. Which direction will you be coming from? If its south from I-70, I'd recommend stopping in the Grand Junction area, if its via highway 40, from the east the last grocery stores will be in Craig, from the west it would be Vernal Utah. DInosaur has gas, no grocery stores.

Will you be camping? You will probably need to think about how you're going to process your elk. I don't believe Rangely has a meat processor. The closest would be in Meeker.

Now about the elk, I'm not sure you will need to hunt the highest elevations. A lot will depend on what the weather is doing. If we've gotten a cold snap, then there's a good chance the elk will start moving to lower ground. Right now I'm seeing elk at all elevations in northwest Colorado, clear down to about 6500 feet. I've never seen elk this low in the middle of the summer. Haven't been through unit 21 this summer yet, I've primarily observed the elk between Meeker and Craig.

Good luck!

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