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Unit 161 CO

I am looking for any help I can get for unit 161. I have bought a cow tag for the area and I have never hunted it before. I am planning on staying in Walden and driving to were I hunt. I have been doing a lot of searching on google maps and plan on hunting in NF or BLM land west of town.

I am not looking for any hot spots, just a good starting point so I can try to fill a cow tag. Any help will be appreciated.


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I have not hunted 161 but 16

I have not hunted 161 but 16 which is right next door durning 2nd season.  We always had it good or bad depending alot on the weather before the season started for some reason.  I can tell you one thing driving from Walden is take up alot of your hunting time or sleep time.  I think I would try to camp up there and save your self alot of time and gas....just my .02 cents.

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I do have all the gear, just

I do have all the gear, just figured I would leave my options open since I have never hunted the area.

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I have hunted 161 on and off for 20 years. I always hunted the last season I always hunted the top of Independance Mtn.  A lot of guys will road hunt from Cowdrey to Pearl as the elk try and cross the sage especially as the weather moves in.  I would suggest looking for a spot that you can sit on top of the mountain. Be patient the area can be really really good or really really bad.  I think it all depends on the herds if they come off the zirkels wilderness or not.  If they do you'll see lots of animals.  Good luck.

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