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Unit 15 3rd or 4th season

Well my archery elk hunt just turned into a rifle 3rd or 4th season cow elk hunt. Anybody got advice  on which to go with. I am hunting route county north of 134 I believe.

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You can get 4th season either sex leftovers for that unit most years if you didn't have other plans for your list A tag

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That's actually what I am leaning towards. Going to be my first hunt and kind of trying to get advice on chances of getting some snow  which I would prefer. Was just going to get a left over cow tag but dnr told me today the typically have left over either sex tags.

I am just curious as to how that area will hunt with snow.  And how bad it'll suck of it doesn't snow.

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Ex have you guys had snow for that season in the last couple years I have heard If you don't get any snow it sux. We are going to be just north of kremmling off 134 justaccrross the routte county line.

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4th has the best odds of snow since it's later. Still no guarantees. Hunt it hard, snow or no snow, and let the chips fall where they may. The tough part is that you may have to go in deep after them if there's no snow since they'll have been chased around for a couple months. You can still get 'em though. Good luck! Bring snowshoes....you never know when you'll get a big storm.

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