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UNIT 10 late cow

My name is Tracy I was drawn for late cow in unit 10. However I can not find a frickin cow in this area if my life depended on it! I spent the weekend hunting very hard. Sun up to sun down! Nothing but 5 really really nice bulls and about a 100 deer! My dad is still out there and he is keeping an eye out. He has not seen anything either. We found a lot of rubs and a few signs but nothing else.

Can you suggest a place to find a cow? I had hoped with the weather changing they would move down but nothing...

I went out scouting and didnt see anything out there a few weeks ago.

I am a single mom with two girls and I have mouths to feed. This cow will feed them pretty well. I was drawn in Kiabab as well for buck and brought my oldest daughter (8 years old) but it seems like everyone but me got lucky witha a deer. Brick Wall,) I really was counting on using this to suppliment groceries in the house.

I dont mean to sound like "poor me" I just really need this cow.

Happy holidays and good hunting!

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UNIT 10 late cow

We hunted 10 a few years back for bulls.
A couple of places we found elk near town, Williams,
Were...Kaibab Mt, We parked at the NE corner and climbed up and circled the Mt.
Another place we saw a lot of elk, mostly bulls was Signal hill. Go across the RR tracks and hunt from the south to north.

Aubrey cliffs had elk.
Way up north on the Coconino plateau, It looks like antelope country, but had a bunch of elk on it. BUT it's way out of town...
I'd hunt close in the forest near town and the Golf course.

Good luck. We got home a week ago from our hunt in 23 for Bulls, My wife and son each got there first elk.
Good luck to ya...

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unit 10

I have talked to a resident that lives on the Williams golf course and he told me there is a herd that roams the golf course every evening..although I never saw an elk during last years DEC cow hunt in that area.

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