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Now....you KNOW.....why it doesn't pay to hunt PUBLIC LAND!! Cry Cry

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Man, that sucks. bagging a deer and lossing it because of a moron is bad. Teach and talk to him about hunting in a public place. Hope it won't happen again. Feel bad for you.

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jjjjake wrote:
Man, that sucks. bagging a deer and lossing it because of a moron is bad. Teach and talk to him about hunting in a public place. Hope it won't happen again. Feel bad for you.

Knocked him off? Are you really that stupid jjjjake? Please tell me you were just being sarcastic!!! Its attitudes like that, that cause so many problems in the hunting community. I've had my share of conflicts in the woods and dealing with idiots with firearms and even felt threatened enough to feel I may have to fire on someone. But I have YET to threaten someone in the woods without the fear of physical harm to myself! As Hatracked had said previously it was the guys FIRST HUNT. People make mistakes and if someone says they dont then they are a stone faced liar! Its our job as experianced hunters to EDUCATE new hunters in a way that they wont forget without disgouraging them to our way of life! Statements such as the one you just made are EXACTLY how the Anti Hunter community gets POWER against us....Foolish statements create negative feedback and thats all they need to stop this thing we love so much. Please educate yourself a little bit because the FEW like you make us ALL look bad!! banghead

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I agree that a certain amount of hunting etiquette (on the part of the FNG) is in order in this type of situation. While public land is indeed public, there is no reason to violate the standards of the sport. There are rules and accepted etiquette to all sporting activities and being new is no excuse - it's only indicatative of lack of effort to really learn the rules.

Different people may handle things different ways but once the man refused to stop I probably would have been highly vocal too. It's one thing to not know the rules, but to purposely ignore someone that does know what they are doing would have set me off too. My point being that this individual sounds like he had a serious unwillingness to learn / listen and a kinder, gentler approach would have 'gone in one ear and out the other.'

Essentially what I'm saying is that I think the refusal to listen is what set this off, not a "wllingness to help" on the part of the new guy. Personally, I think hunting is too dangerous to be left to people who don't want to learn or listen whether they are young, old, or just not intelligent. I've taken a lot of guest hunters out on our private places (many of them new guys and girls), but I REFUSE to take someone who will not listen - that's a lesson you learn the first time one of these people points a loaded rifle at you. And guess what, if you don't make a big deal out of it, they keep doing the same stupid stuff to other people. Sometimes if a lesson is important enough a certain amount of intensity is warranted to make the point and make it permanent.

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