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the uneducated hunters

Im new here,presently in newhampshire but soon to return to my home state minnesota.I just have to start out with a story : while hunting in central minnesota I heard two shots fired close by and froze immeadiatly to see if somone may have shagged a deer up my way,about 4or 5 minutes or so i hear some russling in the leaves to big to be squirrels and maybe a deer if it were freightened by a shot would make a mistake and run loud enough so i could here him.It was getting closer when i see something running out of the woods and right up to where i was was two young guys huffin and puffin,they asked me if i had seen a deer run by that they shot at but missed...well first i told them that there on private property ,then i told them they now had scared off any deer in my area and that they could never catch a deer on the run and that they did not have on legal blaze orage jackets,anyway i thought some of you might get a laugh out of this and id like to ask everyone talk to kids about deer hunting before its to late.