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Unbelievable Cow Hunt

Well, area 12 worked some magic for 4 of us this late Nov. 3 hours and it was all done. 4 cows. I had mine in the dirt 10 minutes into legal shooting time. It was awesome. Sorry I dont have any pics yet, but will upload asap. These were the first elk for all 4 of us!!. We hit the migration head on. Nov. 27th.
Est weight of my cow was about 550 on the hoof. Not too bad. Lucky as hell though as she was on a full sprint at about 200 yards. Thanks god for my swift a-frames and my 7mm STW. Not the best shot placement (took out both rear hip joints) but she was dead irregardless. That'll teach me for not following through on my shot. It is hard to follow through when shooting off of a bipod in my opinion. Any ways thought I'd share, it was awesome. What a rush. Deer hunting has nothing on these big god given creatures!!

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Congratulation! That's a good sized cow. Too bad about the shot placement, hopefully it didn't wipe out the best cuts. Were you hunting down low? Jensen or Oak Ridge? Four for four is great.

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Unbelievable Cow Hunt

Sounds like you had a great hunt, Congrats on getting your elk.

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Unbelievable Cow Hunt

congrats!! 4 for 4 is awesome!! Thumbs up

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