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Check out this video of a massive boar charging a hunter!


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OK, that looks like

OK, that looks like FUN!...except for the last little part.  Are baseball bats legal in AZ?  I think I'll stick with my .357 Ruger and maybe take the shot before the javalina gets inside 10 feet.  JEEZ!

OK Critter, have you tried calling them in yet?

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My hunting partner suggested

My hunting partner suggested the baseball bats when he saw how them came in.  And no I haven't tried calling them but have thought about it.  After seeing the results from this guys video we just might try it next year. 

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Man, I can't believe how he

Man, I can't believe how he had them coming in from all directions!  I don't know who or which one was more surprised when that big boar popped up over the hill and almost ran into him, LOL!

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I have a Randy Anderson

I have a Randy Anderson preditor hunting tape here somewhere. On it, they are hunting in Arizona. It the hunt in particular, they have a bunch of grey fox coming. Toward the end of that part, the camera switchs to the guy doing the calling and out of nowhere come a grey fox that jumps at him. It hit's him right in the chest and takes off! Funny !

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