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UN gun treaty still a threat

The question at hand remains: when facing an armed threat, would you rather dial 911 or 1911?


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I've been hearing about his UN gun ban for a while now, yet I can't seem to find any legitimate documentation on it.  They claim it has't been made public yet.  Maybe we as a nation can just not comply with it like we resist many UN rulings and international bans.  I mean we don't comply with much else the UN enacts, especially our nuclear weapons policy.  We restrict other nations, yet make exception for our own country keeping and maintaining nukes.  Which is fine with me, we don't need the UN anyway, they need us more than we need them.  I also think we need to pull out of the UN. Vote the dems out of office and I doubt we'd comply with a UN gun ban if one were enacted, but it's better to be vigilant than sorry.  Nip it in the butt before we adopt a gun ban. 

History has proven weapons arms to be the great equilizer.  God created man, but Samual Colt made them equal. Personally I'd rather have a loaded 870, a M1911, rather than to have access to a live phone line and 911. But that's just me. Join the NRA people and vote for the right politicians.

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