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typical range for bow shot

What is the typical range for a bow kill.

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Re: typical range for bow shot

It depends on what kind of country you are hunting in along if you are using a stand or not. I restrict my shots to 30 yards or less. But then I also will spot and stalk to within that distance or use a ground blind in heavy cover for deer and elk. The shots that I have taken have been anywhere from 5 yards to just over my 30 yard limit.

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Re: typical range for bow shot

i try to stay within 40 yards.thats my comfert zone no need to make a bad shot and wound a animal. but then theres gyes who have bow hunted for a long time that can make 40+ yard shots. arrows are hard to find when they go to far and there too expensive to loose.

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Re: typical range for bow shot

Really has to be up to you. You are the only one that knows your ability to make a clean kill shot. Practice, practice, practice! Don't be afraid to push your limits while practicing, really helps with accuracy and a better confidence at closer ranges. Starting out I didn't feel comfortable shooting at an animal over 20 yds. Now I feel confident to 40, and won't attempt anything much past that. I can make shots past 40, but too many variables the further out you get.

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