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TX deer and bobcat

Hi all, fairly new to the board. I am considering a hunt for my son and I, and possibly others, to Tx Primarily I am interested in hunting whitetail and bobcat, altho' we may try some hog hunting while there. I have spoken w/ a guy who runs a ranch called Dos Plumas. It sounds good but curious; has anyone hunted elsewhere? Any suggestions as to what part of Tx, any outfitters, etc. Any information is welcomed and suggestions appreciated! Please email me at susquehannaretriever@comcast.net

Thanks ahead of time, Big smile


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Re: TX deer and bobcat

the hill country of south west texas is good hunting. they have wild exotics out there as well, a buddy of mine ( a texas resident) shot a nice sika buck not that long ago.

if you're looking for a real luxurious hunt, you can find some place on the internet, but something to consider is that if a place has a lot of good food plots for deer, they probably don't have much in the way for wild hogs. bobcats pretty much can be anywhere though.

if i were doing it, i'd just find a good chunk of public land in the SW part, drive my jeep as far as i can get it and take lots of water with me. if you do a lot of glassing, i'm sure you'll find some nice animals. there's the guadalupe national forest land down there and probably more BLM land than you can shake a stick at.

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TX deer and bobcat

texas deer season is usally from about11/4 thru 1/28(rifle). hogs can be hunted year round, limit two javelinas, and bobcats are varmints and can be shot year round and no limit. there is very little public land south of san antonio and is mostly off to the west and north. private land hunts are available but are more expensive and often you would have to pay per hog and bobcat. southern counties in texas are mostly a 5 deer limit, 3 bucks and two does, per person, all seasons combined. fall turkey season is the same as deer season. good luck

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TX deer and bobcat

MuncyLabMan, I'm sorry to say there is very little public land in Texas. There are 4 National Forest, Angelina, Sabine, Sam Houston, and Davy Crockett. All are in the eastern part of the state. There are many State Parks and Wildlife Management Areas but the hunting on these are normally a draw proposition. You might want to do a search in Google or Yahoo for U.S. Forest Service and The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Long ago land owners in Texas discovered there was big money to be made in hunting leases. There are day leases, annual leases, or just about any other kind of lease you might come up with. Many ranches offer guided hunts, "no game no pay" hunts. Most of the "no game no pay" hunts have a charge if you don't kill something in the first 24 hours. Ranches vary from a few acres to thousands of acres.

There are probably a 1,000 ranches that offer hunts of various kinds. You might want to seach for "Texas Hill Country Hunting", "South Texas Hunting" or similar searches. If you do book a hunt be sure there is a good understanding of what you want and what the ranch has to offer.

Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful time down here in Texas. Big smile

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