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Two weird fish I caught

I caught these two fish in Padre Island.  I have no idea what they are called.  The first is really ugly.  The second one is kind of neat looking.



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Not 100% sure but the first

Not 100% sure but the first one looks like a Toad Fish and the second some form of a Scalpin. The first one is an ugly little SOB but the second one is kind of cool with the fin and color.

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weird indeed

definitely different than chubs and shiners!

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This is some kind of SPAM

This is some kind of SPAM guys, or trying to promote some site.  He hit multiple sites, including one of my other hunting sites.  They gave this guy crap, because I guess if you look at the link (Blocked at my work) the names of the fish are actually underneath the photos. lol

Sites he has hit, all in one mass posting, were Huntingchat, razrforums, horseforums, biggamehunt, priuschat, forum.newyorkjets, diychatroom, and the list goes on.

So him saying he has no idea what they are is bogus. Can't figure out the motive though.  I think he sells the photos or something..... Whistling

And sorry Fishingbuddy if you're legit, but when you spam 10+ sites almost instantaneously, it makes people wonder.

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