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Two new photo frames

Got two I figured out in the past couple weeks. Couple rancher's wives needed special frames and I liked them so tried a couple for myself. Both made from old wood off a barn in Wash State that was pushing 100yrs old.

Triple frame. Three 4x6 photo's in 6x8 matt and frames. And the an 11x14 of my Squirt I did today in a shadow box. Not done yet but everything piled where it goes and laying on the floor. Re-printed the photo so I could get dif of the white border. Really nice having a 13" wide printer!



DSC_0005.JPG88.57 KB
DSC_0003.JPG146.27 KB
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Nice Work

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looking good

They look great!  nice job.  Good looking dog too!

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Looks really good....nice

Looks really good....nice work!

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Nice pictures. It looks

Nice pictures. It looks great.Thumbs up

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