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I was reading a post about consealed side arm while hunting, but this is not what I wanted to talk about. It sparked my attention about how more people are worried about well other people in the woods. When I was on one of my first elk hunts(age 12) I remember setting up our camp a while away from trail and leaving the next day only to come back to someone sitting by our small camp. He didn't steal anything and didn't act like he needed any help or wanted some guys to camp with, but rather said hello and walked off. Which made me curious if he was plotting to take something instead of hunting which is why were all out there. Another time (recently) in a late season hunt I experienced something rather odd when I was almost sleeping and heard some rumbling around our camp right by a road. It was a couple of teenagers trying to steal our cooler. Not sure if they were looking for beer or meat but it was quite risky in there position. I just told them to leave now and they ran off. I was curious if anyone else has any interesting stories of other hunters in the woods. I've always gave hunters the utmost respect and received the same. I hate to give any hunters bad rep but maybe some other peoples stories can help educate others on better ways to protect ourselfs and our gear. 

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Never had a problem, but have heard of guys losing their trophies

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Ive heard that also. Almost

Ive heard that also. Almost makes you want to laugh about how stupid people are. 

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I have never had a problem,
but i have heard of whole camps being taken. but that has usually been from people that set them up a week or 2 ahead of time and left them.


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Several years back in SE

Several years back in SE Colorado my buddy got his buck antelope taken right out of our camp while we were out working to get mine. Only other thing has been a few rude folks walking into our camp as we were on a high spot and thought they could get cell service.

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We have not only had most of our camp stolen during archery season while hunting in 1991, but I have held off two group of guys at gun point from taking someone elses animals ! Not everyone out in our woods are very ethical !!


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