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Twin Albino Deer

I just received a email from a friend in Montana,... it's a picture of twin Albino deer that was taken in Minnesota.

Thought I'd share,... Thumbs up

Twin Albino deer in Minnesota.jpg
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Twin Albino Deer

That is pretty cool. I would think that twins would be pretty rare. Are they legal game in Minn. I believe they are not in WI.

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Twin Albino Deer

nice picture, i would like to see one in my lifetime

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Twin Albino Deer

I have read studies about MN does fawning twins with relative frequency. Keep in mind that these would be fraternal twins, 2 eggs and 2 sperm) vs identical (1 egg and 1 sperm that join and eventually split into two viable offspring). Can't recall if they are legal in MN. I guess i would be too busy getting a lotto ticket if i was ever lucky enough to see an albino, not to mention 2 in the same frame and get a picture.

great picture. WOW!

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Twin Albino Deer

They are so cute Yes

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