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twenty-mile river moose hunt

I got a moose permit for the twenty-mile river area. I know nothing about it. I have a flat bottom jetboat. Any info or help would be great.

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twenty-mile river moose hunt

That is a great area for moose.. You have the right boat for it.. Floating and stopping and calling along the river is sure to get you a good Bull.

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twenty-mile river moose hunt

Your jet boat should get you where you need to go. I took a zodiac and 15 horse prop about 6 miles up the river and quit when I got tired of grinding gravel. The jet boats and airboats had no trouble going much further up. I was fishing not hunting at the time.

Your other option would be to fly into Carmen Lake and float out to the hi-way with a raft, but theres no sense in doing that if you have the jet.

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