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I used to hunt around Harry Strunk lake in Nebraska.  Can anybpdy tell me how the turkeys have been doinf around the area.  We are thinking about heading back that way this year.  Planning a scouting trip here in a few weeks.  just curious what you all have been seeing?

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We hunted around Arapahoe last year.

There were Turkeys everywhere in the 5 locations we hunted plus/minus 45 minutes around Arapahoe.  We went there to hunt Merriams, but the White Fanned Birds were far and few between.  My business partner shot one nice true Merriams.  The other 3 birds we shot we Hybreds (Rio Grande/Merriam).

We brought our .22-250's and had as much fun shooting prairie dogs and coyotes as turkeys.  2 of the coyotes were stripped nearly completely bald with mange and one came into the box call and took a head full of Turkey Load through a Super Xtra Full Choke.

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