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Turkey Senses?

I know a turkey has very keen eyesight. I have heard they really can't smell at all. The one sense of a turkey I haven't heard about is their hearing. I would think it has to be pretty good since the one thing us turkey hunters rely on most is our calls. Can anyone else chime in on this and let me know how good their hearing is?

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limited knowledge

Based on my limited experience I'd say that they hear as well as we do or better.  I treat them as if I'm hunting deer who can't smell.

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I kinda agree with you Mike ...

except I'm thinking more an antelope than a deer.  Tha is at least in spotting movement.  They are absolutely aware of any wrong or missplaced movement in their environment.  Camoflage seems to be important too but if you move while dressed like a tree you'll be busted. 

I was sneeking up on a tom with a dozen or so hens that were in an open meadow.  I was back in the buckbrush & wanted to get close enough to figure where they might be heading to cut them off.  I thought my sneek was as good as any stalk I've ever put on an elk or sheep but still 40 or so yards in the brush line and maybe 150 yards from where they used to be I peeked to see them running the opposite direction.  Looked like a hand full of terrified peanut M&M's is a TV commercial.

On a different hunt with a friend who had the tag, we had 5 jakes walk by us while we were hunkered down in a dry irrigation ditch.  At one point I could see out of the corner of my vision a pair of legs just to the side & a little above my head.  After they moved off. I noticed that their tracks were less than two feet from where my head had been.  My camo wasn't a great match for the bare dirt of the ditch but I didn't move.  As this was 3 ot 4 days into the hunt camping without a shower I'm pretty sure they didn't smell me so I know their sence of smell is pretty poor.

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