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Turkey hunting tactics

Hi guys, I have been hunting turkey in colorado a couple of years. I finally have the chance at some birds that I scouted on a neighbors public land. I am still pretty new to turkey hunting.  But Anyways I went out on Sunday to hunt. The to toms were still around but with no hens. I located them setup and was calling with a slate call. They kept gobbling but wouldn't come closer. So I tried to move up on them and they left the area. Do you think they will move back to the area. Also do you have any tips on huntino birds like this or turkey in general. Also so you know there is no other hunting pressure.  Thank you in advance.


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It is hard to say.  But I

It is hard to say.  But I have found that once you bust some toms in a area is that they clear out and don't return.  There may be others that will come into the area so don't give up. 

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