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Turkey in Colorado

I just purchased my first OTC Turkey license for the fall. I have never Turkey hunted before and was wondering where to go. I've been reading tips on how to Turkey hunt but any information or advice is welcome. Thanks fellas.

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You will find that turkeys

You will find that turkeys are a lot like elk, they are where you find them, and in the fall of the year that could mean anywhere there is enough feed for them. They could be high and they might be low. You just need to get out and scout them. Looking for tracks in the road would be the first thing that I would do.

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Are you chasing any other big

Are you chasing any other big game in Colorado this fall?  If so, are the units that you are going to be hunting other species also OTC fall turkey?  Last year while archery deer hunting, I finally came across wild turkeys in Colorado.  While scouting for my archery deer tag for this fall, I saw a couple of turkeys.  In both cases, I had not seen an abundance of turkey sign in the area, but since I was out an about trying to pay attention to as much as possible, I happened to stumble onto some turkeys.  So, my first bit of advice is to simply get out there in a unit that you will be able to hunt, and get some miles on your boots.  

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I am new to this place so

I am new to this place so have no better idea....

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Fall turkey hunting

I also am hunting fall turkeys for the first time this year, Spring turkey hunting has been very good to me but I have no idea where they are in the fall.

I scouted almost all of the roads east off of Rampart road with no luck a few days ago. I did see some hens lower, so I'm thinking they are about 7500 ft. or lower for now. Thats what I have found anyway.

I did not scout any of the 900 roads.

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Lived there 10 yeras and scouting is the way to think for sure. 

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