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Turkey in Buena Vista area


I have been a lurker here for years. I live in Fairplay, CO and am interested in starting to turkey hunt. I am wondering if anybody has turkey hunted or knows anybody that has turkey hunted in the Buena Vista, CO area? I am not looking for specific areas per say, just wondering if the turkey population there is large enough to hunt. I have searched and searched and could not find any mention of anybody turkey hunting in the area, but have seen pictures of turkeys in the area.

I have never turkey hunted and am just wanting to find areas as close to home as I can that I could possibly hunt. Thanks in advance for any help or information.


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I can't help you in the Buena

I can't help you in the Buena Vista part but the first thing you need to do is to go to the regulations page and see if any of the areas that you are interested in hunting are over the counter or draw only.  If they are OTC then you are in luck but if they are draw you will have to wait until next year to put in for it. 

Then you need to get out and start scoutting.  Turkeys in the spring of the year will follow the creek drainages back up to the high country and if there is snow they will be just below the snow line.  Look for their tracks in the roads where a creek will cross under it  Once you have found tracks then it is just a matter of time before you find them. 

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have been trying to get down there to scout but between the weather on the weekends and other obligations I just have not been able to make it happen. It is an OTC area, but I will probably not be able to get out this year. I am really making plans for next spring though.

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