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Turkey almost

well got my turkey coarse behind me and got my tag, was out in the field at 5:30 am and got to my spot. at about 6:00 I herd the gobler start almost out of hearing range so I made a few yelps on my box call and shure enough he gobles back so I cluck and purr a bit and then let off with some heavy yelps and he tripple gobles and comes in a bit closer so I purr again and then let off with somemore cuts and yelps and he is behind me about a hundred yards in the thick bush . I go out and relocate my decoy behinde me and start calling again. Well he comes out about 40 yards to my right and gives himself a sand bath and moves around a bit. There are some pine branches in front of me so I start useing my push button call to keep my movement down and he comes in closer about 30 yards so I pull a bead on his head and let go. He stretches his head up neener! about a foot runs from one side of the opening to the other my gun jams and I'm set there trying to get the shell out and he is spitting andthen he is gone Laugh I get another shell loaded and I look out onto the open pipeline road and there he is 200 yards and moving fast.
Just thought I would share my first turkey hunt with you all.
I figure the wad cup deflected off a branch because I didn't touch a feather on him. and the cup was found to the left of were I shot.

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