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Trying to be sold a 30.06 for SC whitetail

Get the 308. It is what YOU want, not what the gun dealer wants to sell you. There is a difference in recoil with the 308 being less. Accuracy is also better with the 308 in my opinion. Not to mention the shorter cartridge length. Stick to your guns and in the end you will be much happier about your purchase. Oh, and by the way, make sure your use very high quality bases and rings for that scope. Good luck.

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Trying to be sold a 30.06 for SC whitetail

i second all that remington has said (although i like my 243 at the top)

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Trying to be sold a 30.06 for SC whitetail

stay with the 308 forget the 30-06 and better yet go for the 280 remington.

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sorry i forgot about the micro hunter in the 22" barrel. but next time try not to be so dam hateful Laugh

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Trying to be sold a 30.06 for SC whitetail
Don Fischer wrote:
I don't think it's a good idea to sugget's that the 308 and the 30-06 are the same, THEY ARE NOT! The 30-06 won't chamber in a 308 chamber but, a 308 might (?) chamber in a 30-06. Not sure what would happen if someone fired a 308 from a 30-06 chamber but, not a good idea.

Handloading, the 30-06 should give the 150 gr bullet about 200 fps more velocity. It will do it with the 165 gr and 180 gr bullets. I've never used 150 gr 30 cal bullet's much. Have used a lot of 165 and 180 gr in both the 308 and the 30-06.

If you fire a 308 Winchester round in a '06 gun the shell will still fire and no real damage will occure - as long as you only do it once.

All that will happen is that the bullet will have further to jump to get to the barrel out of the chamber.

The case will be destroyed because if you ever fire formed a case in a rifle - you would know that it will try to duplicate the shape of the chamber.
Since the chamber of the '06 is longer than the 308 - there is nothing there to support the brass and it will peel like a bananna when you take it out of the gun.

Faster is not always better.

A 3000 FPS round is not as accurate as a 2700 FPS round in most guns.

I use 58 GR of IMR 4350 and CCI 300 Primers and 150 gr Sierra PSPBT bullets and they consistently achieve 1 moa of less accuracy at 100 yards.
That is a above normal load and it is only 2700 fps.

A 308 will not outshoot a 30 - 06, what it does do is use less powder to achieve more accuracy - just like the handload that I just described.

You can only put 46 gr of IMR 4350 in a 308 case with a 150 gr bullet. That is a compressed maximum load with that powder. 46 gr of 4064 is only 2800 FPS. Which is the preferred powder for a 308!

Where as you can put 59 gr IMR 4350 in a 30 - 06 which is also a compressed load. The velocity is 2825 FPS.

So you are burning 13 more grains ( or 25% more ) powder to get 25 fps.

The only reason they ever came up with a 308 was to replace the 30 06 govt. because they needed a shorter case for the M 14 Rifle.
It gave it more performance - shots per a min / less weight / less recoil which kept it on target longer in rapid fire..

Other than that there is not much of a difference between the two and no real difference in how it will kill a deer with a 150 gr bullet.

Now if you were going to hunt elk or bear - and use a 180 gr bullet - then the 30 06 would spank the 308 everytime. Along with the fact that you could hunt moose with a 220 gr bullet.

If the dealer was going to make you a better deal on the 30 / 06 than the 308 - I would take it. Just due to the fact that it will be worth more to you down the road than the 308 Winchester.