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The Truth About Prairie Whitetail (featured article)

February 2007 Feature Article:

The Truth About Prairie Whitetail

Dakota whitetail. Just the name inspires images of big boned, heavy racked deer standing alert at the edge of a cottonwood bluff while the last vestiges of yet another spectacular prairie sunset fade overhead.

But is there really such a creature or is this simply a fabrication of our imagination bordering on elitism. After all, big-bodied whitetails have been taken throughout North America. Maine and New Brunswick regularly produce bucks that would pass as the whitetail equivalents of sumo wrestlers and the prairies certainly have no monopoly in the trophy department either. Texas whitetails regularly appear in the record books, as do Minnesota deer and Kentucky bucks. Read more...

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The Truth About Prairie Whitetail (featured article)

Nice Article... deffinately enjoyed it.

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The Truth About Prairie Whitetail (featured article)

great read

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The Truth About Prairie Whitetail (featured article)

Great article mod. Thumbs up

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