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The truth 2 bow

What has anyone hear about the Truth 2 or any of the other bear bows?

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The truth 2 bow

I checked one out at a local archery store.. I personally didn't care for it at all. It's very heavy... and cumbersom. It is also a little herky jerky when drawing it back.

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The truth 2 bow

How a bow feels is a personal thing. What feels good to one prson may feel lousy to another. My best friend runs a small shop and he sells Bears and High Countrys. Im a finger shooter so the Truth is a little short ata.so i have not shot it much. The draw felt smooth to me and as far as weight most modern compounds run 4lbs or better.From what i here they are a nice midpriced bow.Have u checked out a Lights Out by Bear.Same basic bow at a couple hundrd bucks less.Its very popular around my neck of the woods. I shoot a 08 & a 09 HighCountry supreme pro.

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