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Trout Fishing while Elk Hunting- GMU 62

I know some people will laugh when I am even bring this up, however is there some good trout fishing possibley middle of the day while maybe taking a little lunch break while Elk hunting in Colorado assuming we are close to some streams....

Just curious if anyone has done this before.... We will be out there. Oct. 18th-26th.



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trout fishing in unit 62

I hate to say this because I could be totally wrong, but I have hunted unit 62 for about the last 10 years and have yet to see a trout in any of the streams or watering holes I have come across. I may just not remember it if I did. It is possible on some of the private land. Now in Grand Junction there is a state park area with a small lake and fishing is supposed to be phenominal. Hope this helps out a little bit. Bye the way maybe see you there, I will also be there the 18th for muledeer.

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Trout Fishing while Elk Hunting- GMU 62

I don't know about your unit. But I always take a fly rod with me. It's a great diversion mid day.

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Trout Fishing while Elk Hunting- GMU 62

Just got back from muzzleloader hunting last week, no elk or bear Cry , but lots of trout. lol Fished small streams above 8,000ft. with worms and had several great fish dinners. Thumbs up

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Trout Fishing while Elk Hunting- GMU 62


I am heading out to unit 62 for the second season deer hunt next week. While you were out there, did you see any deer worth talking about? I am not looking for a monster, just a decent 24-26" buck. If you could give me some ideas on where to start looking I would appreciate it. I just bought a landowner tag and won't be able to do any scouting to do how quick the hunt is.

Thanks in advance.

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