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Trophys from Africa- on the cheap

We'd all love to see pics of this hunt Single Malt went on.Sounds like he got a really good deal!!
Nice to know they are protecting their rhino in Tanzania too.Keep it up!
Poachers have now even started killing rhinos on private lands in RSA, flying in with choppers ,cutting off the horns and taking off again. Talk to the Hand Talk to the Hand

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Zander Osmers Safaris

Hallo Everyone we are new to the forum and would like to introduce our comany to you. We are in the hunting industry for 35 years now it is a family business. We hunt the best concession in South-Africa it is the Selati Game Reserve 75 000 Acres we are the only outfitter that hunts this prestine reserve for the last 20 Years and we are new in the States. Been doing all the hunting conventions for the last 3 years. Please look at our website: www.zanderosmerssafaris.com Contact me if you need a quote or any references that was hunting with us the last couple of years. Email:osmers@me.com

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