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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Michigan - AUCTION
Trophy Whitetail Hunting in Michigan


Located in Ravenna,  Michigan  and offering some of the best 
Whitetail Hunting in the Great State of Michigan.  
The average size of these Grand Beasts range from 180-300".
These bucks roam the preserve with the majority being over 200".
Our class of bucks have produced a record Buck well over 400".
You will be amazed at the sheer number of Whitetails you will see!

We have a wide variety of typical & non-typical with drops,
double beams, heavy mass, to fit any hunters dream.


We're auctioning off
a Management, Bronze, and a Silver Hunt

to the Highest Online Bidder!

Starting Bid:.............Regular Price
Management: $3,000.........$7,500
Bronze: $5,000............$10,500
Silver: $7,500............$12,500

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I don't know.  Something

I don't know.  Something about shooting a deer with an ear tag doesn't sit well with me.... Wink

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I'll second that one. I

I'll second that one. I believe I'd be prouder of the forkie on BLM just down the road.

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Not a fan of high fences or

Not a fan of high fences or exotic game farms either. I agree Hunter, a BLM forky is a better hunt to me too plus there is NO WAY I am spending $12,000 for a whitetail.

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