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Trophy Whitetail hunt in Old Mexico on a 17,000 acre game managed ranch with a long history of producing 160 – 190 B&C class animals. We harvest no more than 20 bucks per year to ensure that there are plenty of mature bucks to choose from. On average you can expect to see 15 to 20 bucks per day. Hunting different areas of the ranch every day should result in seeing 75 to 100 bucks durning your hunt. We don’t tell you which deer to shoot, you do! This is a five (5) day semi-guided hunt, Cost $5,000.00 and includes: lodging, meals; transportation to and from Laredo, Texas; use of a quality rifle with a Leupold scope; deer blinds/stands and deer corn. Only four spots available. For more information call (281) 793-0526 or email
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