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Trophy Hunting in Namibia Good for Country

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Trophy Hunting in Namibia Good for Country

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Trophy Hunting in Namibia Good for Country

thanks for the good story. namibia is a great place to hunt.
i do not know how many are following the current debacle in tanzania, where the government ministry imposed a huge increase in concession fees, and trophy fees, up to 300-500%, effective immediately, about a month ago. they said this would apply to all hunts already booked for this year, not waiting for the 2008 season. thery are being sued by the tanzania ph association to block the immediate implementation. the fees for lion, leopard, and elephant especially took big hikes. it boils down to the government seeing a large pot of money and wanting a bigger share. they will probably kill the goose before it can lay too many more eggs.
unfortunately, rumor has it that namibia's government is also seeing all that money and wanting a bigger share, so they are getting into the concession game. this will have only deleterious effects on hunting there. it may be that only the private ranches will be able to allow affordable hunting in the future. african government do not have any track record of good management ( not that ours is much better neener! ) let us hope for the best.

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Trophy Hunting in Namibia Good for Country

The situation in Tanzania is a real problem. My PH received the e-mail of rate increase as we had lunch one afternoon...500% INCREASE !!
That is huge.
I was told it will mean an average of $2,000 USD not Rands to hunt there!
It will take hunts in Tanzania out of reach...way out of reach...for average working class people.
Who knows what they are thinking!? Think

And with Zimbobwae being in terrible termoil...hunting in Africa is already "perceived" as being unsafe...at this rate it well may become not just unsafe, but unattainable by many more. Cry

Hopefully Namibia does not follow in either ones footsteps!!!

We shall see...more to follow I am sure, lets hope for the best.

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