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Trophy Bucks go to school...

Hey everyone,

Thought I would share this neat story with you. Steve Porter is obviously doing a lot to educate the youngsters about deer hunting, deer management and farming.

More than 12,000 students from 25 schools got to see trophy bucks up close and personal when Steve Porter brought his traveling deer display to them on a state-wide tour of Minnesota. Mr. Porter owns and operates a deer farm in northern Minnesota, where he is also chief deputy of the Kittson County Sheriff's Office. Steve took most of his vacation days to educate kids about deer behavior, antler development and the family bonds formed when families hunt and farm together.

His goal is to get kids motivated enough to turn off the computer, put down their cell phones and venture outdoors. The Cervid Livestock Foundation (CLF), North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA), and the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) provided funding for this project.

To view photographs of the Porter Project, along with quotes from students and faculty, you can visit Trophy Bucks Go To School, Full Article

Have a great weekend! It's Friday!!

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Trophy Bucks go to school...

Welcome to BGH Heater.
Great link. Thanks for posting.
The "Deer Man" is doing a great thing and it is fantastic that he is taking time to go and educate these children about Deer.
Sometimes I think that the fact that these are living and breathing magnificent animals gets lost in the quest for the one big Buck. After years of hunting I am amazed at the differing personalities exhibited by each individual Deer and at the new things I learn about them each and every time I go afield

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