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Trigger Pull

Hey, I know this has probably been answered numerous times but after hanging around and looking for a couple of weeks I cannot find an answer.  Thinking about buying my first rifle, a Savage Edge in 25-06, and how bad is the trigger pull and does it really make a big difference for hunting coyotes and deer.  Thanks in advance.

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Well there's the review on this forum about the Edge rifle. It says the trigger should be adjustable but they didn't try it out. The 5 pounds or so that the review rifle tested at is more than I like but is usable, you just need to practice with it more. All my hunting rifles break right at about 2 pounds now, it is much easier to get a perfect release with a good trigger.

I know these are a very good deal in the new rifle market and if it's all you can afford I would not be worried about it. Get the gun, practice and learn your trigger control and then read up on how to adjust the trigger if you still need to.

If you can afford a little more get a Savage with the Accu trigger as it is better out of box.

And the 25-06 should serve you very well for your intended purpose.

Welcome to the forum, stick around and see what you can learn.

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Its not going to make a huge

Its not going to make a huge difference if you take your time with the shots and practice.  Wars were fought with much worse triggers.

Rifle basix is making a trigger for the new axis/edge, if you want to drop in a better trigger.

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